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TRANSCEND conveys a powerful message about the transformative power of light and happy energy. It shows how these forces can make the world a kinder, more positive place, and reminds us of the importance of embracing joy and positivity in our lives.

Light and bright energy and the dark, heavy, and cloying energy. The painting captures the essence of the challenge that comes with allowing the light to penetrate through the darkness. The artist skillfully depicts the struggle that often arises when we try to break free from the weight of negativity and allow the light to shine through.

Through vibrant colours, the painting conveys the joy and wonder that accompany the light energy that manages to pierce through the darkness. The artist celebrates the power of this energy, highlighting how it can transform the atmosphere and bring positivity to those who come into contact with it.

The painting highlights the stark difference between happy energy and negative energy. The bright and buoyant nature of happy energy is depicted as being lighter than negative energy, allowing it to float effortlessly into the atmosphere and spread its uplifting effect far and wide.

Are you allowing enough bright, light positive energy out?

Details of print

  • High quality¬†art print¬†of an original, alcohol ink painting
  • Artwork¬†printed on Xpression Bright White Paper
  • Artwork comes unframed and signed on the bottom right corner


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