I use the freeing movements of ink to create art that stirs your heart with the questions you need to ask yourself

...so you can start to live the beautiful life you deserve

love letters from you

  • Your pieces of art are like cheerleaders hanging on the wall - they're just pure motivation

    - Sarah
  • Your art fills me with the feeling of love <3

    - Rita
  • I love how each of your pieces tell such a heartfelt story, almost like they've lived their own life!

    - Abi
  • Self-care calendar

    Take the first step to creating beautiful moments of self-care, and get ready to start ticking off each day as ‚Äúanother day well loved‚ÄĚ

  • Self-affirmation cards

    Develop a deep sense of self-love and self-appreciation by reminding you of your worth, strengths, and unique qualities

  • Phone wallpapers

    Give yourself a gentle visual nudge to pause, and take a moment away from your screens

Art is a gift that inspires bravery, self-love, passion and wonder

...When was the last time you felt these?