love letters from you

  • Your beautiful art in my office reminds me of two important things every day:

    • Flow comes when I slow
    • There is always another way
    - Katie
  • Your art fills me with the feeling of love <3

    - Rita
  • I love how each of your pieces tell such a heartfelt story, almost like they've lived their own life!

    - Abi

The perfect piece of art helps you create a safe, inspiring space in your home where you can finally sit down, pause... and just be. After all, you deserve that

about me

Hi, I'm Affie

International selling contemporary artist, passionate business owner and scientist by training.

I fell into art after I found myself in the office one appallingly early morning, questioning where I was... and whether a corporate job was for me.

And since then, I've realised how creating art and having art in your home can be the perfect way to disconnect from the world... so you can reconnect with yourself

Now I get to spend hours at a time painting in the kitchen or the shed, with ink stained hands, a full heart, and a peaceful mind.

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