"Is this what I'm meant for?"

Truth is, I used to spend my days on autopilot. Every day, I’d be glued to my work, talking and listening more to my clients than I ever did to myself. Until one Monday morning in the perfectly silent office (after all, it was about 5am), I watched the bright blue welcome screen of my laptop come to life… 

And asked myself: “Is this what I’m meant for?”

It was that unexpected question which changed my life… and which made me realise that life is about LIVING. 

It’s about nature walks, journalling, reading, singing; it’s about creating even 5 minutes of magic in the mundane. 

And I know, deep-down, you feel the same, even if you can’t quite see how to add more magic to your days when you have a job or a family to tend to.

That’s what my art is all about. Using the free expression of inks on the page, I slowly learned (and am still learning!) to let go of my need for CONTROL. The result is something totally unexpected but always exciting. 

I create soul-soothing artwork that helps you create a space in your home where you can just rest, recover, and reflect. 

All of my art is about life philosophies, lessons and mantras that serve as inspiring reminders to love our lives, whilst trying to make them the ‘best’ that they can be. Because it’s in those magical moments that you can finally rediscover yourself. And who knows… you might just feel inspired to shake up your life a little, and create the one you deserve

Sound good to you? 

Explore my artwork… and take the first step in creating that special space in your home