If we haven't met, I'm Affie and I'm an ink artist

But for a long time, I've actually been in a corporate role; one that involves managing multimillion euro portfolios and juggling teams of medical writers (it's as stressful as it sounds!)

And it’s funny… to be an artist was a forgotten dream for so long. A dream that had gathered so much dust in the deepest corner of my heart that I could barely even recognise it anymore. But my life changed when I finally asked myself, “Is this what I’m meant for?”

It was as if a dam had broken, and I was suddenly confronted with all the questions I’d never been able to ask myself. I needed the quiet, and I turned to art to connect with myself. In every colour and brush stroke, I started to see myself so clearly; my hesitance to make mistakes, my frustration at losing control, and my fear in breaking moulds. And as I experimented, I started to feel a shift… that if I showed myself the love and trust I deserved, I could create something truly remarkable (even out of something entirely unpredictable, like ink)

And then one day, somewhere in the middle of a painting, I found the courage to dust off my dream and start to live it. I knew I had to share my art with other women who feel the way that I used to; women who feel trapped in a world bound by others’ expectations, and who feel so different to others that they don’t see their voice could be so powerful as to ripple even the stillest waters

This is what I was meant for

I create this art to inspire women to love and celebrate themselves, so that they live the beautiful, fulfilling life they deserve