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Are Artists and Scientists Really That Different?

Are Artists and Scientists Really That Different?

Hi my sweet friends,


I can't be the only artist-scientist hybrid who's heard that it doesn't make sense to love both art and science... or that it just doesn't make sense to be a part of both worlds...right?  So in a world that often looks at science and art as polar opposites, I want to take a moment to talk about what these two have in common

Let's get going...

  1. Embracing the Thrill of Exploration

Artists and scientists both have an unquenchable curiosity that propels them into the unknown. While scientists delve into the depths of nature, artists might look into their imagination, but both of them thrive on wonder and a burning desire to push the boundaries of what's known and expected

  1. Experimentation: Where Magic Happens

Both artists and scientists love a good experiment! Just like scientists design and carry out experiments to test their theories, artists engage in a never-ending series of trials and errors to uncover new techniques, materials, colour combinations, and styles. Each brushstroke becomes an experiment, with both success and failure as the options

  1. Capturing the Journey

Artists and scientists understand the power of documentation. Scientists meticulously record their findings in notebooks, and along the edges of post it note-covered research papers. Artists, too, keep sketchbooks, visual diaries or swatches, capturing their artistic journey and the inspirations that have shaped their creativity

  1. The Art of Noticing

Observation is key in both art and science. Scientists keenly observe the natural world, noting patterns, behaviors, and peculiarities. Likewise, artists possess a heightened sense of observation, capturing the subtleties of light, texture, and emotion in their work. Both scientists and artists then end up training themelves to see and note intricate details that often go unnoticed by others

  1. Being Comfortable wth Change and Adaptability

Artists and scientists are no strangers to change. They embrace an iterative process, constantly refining and adapting their work. Scientists revise hypotheses based on new data, just as artists revise their sketches and paintings in pursuit of perfection. This flexibility and willingness to learn from mistakes fuel growth, leading to breakthroughs and masterpieces.

  1. Seeking Beauty and Truth

Even though artists and scientists may express their goals differently, they have similar goals... seeking beauty and truth. Scientists strive to unravel the mysteries of the universe, while artists explore the depths of their souls, expressing profound emotions and provoking contemplation. Both disciplines come together in their shared journey of understanding and appreciation for the complexity of the world


So now do you see that there are actually some pretty striking parallels between artists and scientists, right? Even though we might all use different mediums, tools, and get different outcomes, our approaches are still all about exploration, experimentation, and observation

And if you're anything like me - an artist-scientist hybrid - there's a huge sense of harmony when you think of all the different aspects coming together... you feel a little superhuman, in fact!






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