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Why Every Home Office Needs Art

Why Every Home Office Needs Art

Hi my sweet friend,

A lot of us are working from home now - for the record, I’m a big fan! But sometimes it feels a bit tricky to create a workplace at home that feels efficient while it’s also inspiring. Incorporating art into your home office can transform it from a mundane workspace into a source of inspiration and creativity.

Psychological Benefits of Art in the Workspace
We all know the research. Art isn’t just decoration; it has considerab;e effects on our mental health and productivity. Art in the workplace can reduce stress, increase productivity, and enhance employee satisfaction. For those of us working from home, this means that art can help create a more serene and motivating environment. 

Choosing the Right Art for Your Home Office
Selecting the right art for your office should be a thoughtful process, so I’d say to consider the below few things at least:

  • Personal Connection: Choose art that resonates with you personally. Art that you feel a connection to will have the most significant impact on your well-being and inspiration.
  • Lighting: Art looks different under various lighting conditions. Evaluate how natural and artificial light interacts with the spaces where art might hang.
  • Office Size and Decor: In smaller offices, a single large piece can be a focal point without overwhelming the space. In larger offices, a series of smaller works can create a cohesive look.

Practical Tips:

  • Eye Level: Hang artwork at eye level so it's easily visible from your desk or work area.
  • Behind the Desk: Placing art directly in front of you, like on the wall facing your desk, can provide a constant source of inspiration.

I don’t think that I need to tell you how your home office is more than just a place to work—it's where you spend a lot of your day and should be a space that reflects your personality and inspires your best work. So use the power of artwork to create an environment that enhances your productivity and nurtures your mental well-being.

And if that means you might like any of my pieces, well take a look here for my prints and here for my commissions. Happy art hunting - enjoy the process! 





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