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Why do we need art at home?

Why do we need art at home?

 Purple and brass ink art framed - abstract art, London

Art is so much more than only a decorative element in your home - in fact, a piece that you really love can play a really versatile role in your daily life

Let's take a look at a few of the reasons why we should have art in our home!


Reason 1: Art makes a house into a home

As we move into a more technological space, our homes are becoming the same. Now our homes are equipped with multiple, amazing gadgets that make our lives easier in so many ways. And I'm so incredibly grateful for this

But I think art isn't seen as something 'useful' and so it isn't usually on the list of necessities to buy for a home

The way I see it though, art is the human element and life of your house – therefore, it's what makes it into a home

A piece of art goes through a unique journey to make its way to you. It originates from the hands of another, and from their time, effort and skill. So when you look at the brush strokes and marks on the work, you're reminded of the beauty that people can bring to our lives. You're also forced to slow down and really appreciate this – I personally think anything that slows me down and consumes my thoughts for a while in this hectic world is a good thing

Reason 2: Art reminds us of what is possible

I was always naturally inclined towards art but never provided the supportive encouragement in my surroundings to pursue it. But now I'm so lucky to be exposed so intentionally to all the positivity I needed before - I'm so grateful to see so many amazingly talented and hardworking artists every single day

So when I buy a piece of art for my home, I think of wonder and magic, as I imagine that artist pouring all of their love and vulnerability into that piece. And I'm reminded that all obstacles can be overcome, and possibilities can come to life. Isn't this the kind of message you'd want in your home?


Reason 3: Art is an energy flux

Have you ever looked at the vivid colours of a painting and felt energised? Or found yourself soothed by the airy lilts of colour in another? Maybe inspired by another? 

It's just magical how art can be a natural way to temper or stimulate your emotions so that you stay at equilibrium. You can match your art to what your energy needs are - choose a piece for your study that gives you energy, or one that relaxes you in your living room. And then just sit back...or sit up...depending on what your art is telling you

Reason 4: Art inspires courage

Speaking from first-hand experience, being an artist is hard

It isn't just making the art that comes with its own unique challenges - there are also difficulties that come with the 'job', some of which might tie into sacrifices related to finances, social lives, and even emotional wellbeing

But also think about how any kind of artist sharing their work is akin to them baring their soul, and showing their vulnerability. Naturally, this step also opens them up to a daunting world of criticism

And so I believe that having a work of art in your home inspires you to embrace your inner strength, take risks and celebrate vulnerability. Because the result of you taking this step can lead to something really beautiful and makes us human


Reason 5: Art encourages self-recognition, expression and dialogue

Art can often show what can't be spoken easily. It can be the perfect way to express who you are to both yourself and those who come into your home

Because art is a storyteller, when you love a piece enough to display it in your home, you are also sharing a story that is somehow meaningful to you. In turn, it ignites conversation with guests, and allows you to become closer


Let me know what you think of the reasons explored here, and if anything really touches you. I love to hear from you,


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