When was the last time you did something for the joy of it?

When was the last time you did something for the joy of it?

What does your answer tell you about the way you're living?

- Like if you can't actually remember the last time you did something just for the purpose of finding pure joy?
- Or you've racked your brain and now you're seeing the last time was months ago?

Because you've fallen into this routine of working 'round the clock that you've completely forgotten about the life you have (or CAN have) outside it

And I don't blame you; especially after the pandemic, the line between work and life has been so blurred. In fact, my home office has been in my bedroom for years now (London houses aren't big enough, I'm afraid...)

So I know what I'm talking about

Still, if you’ve found yourself recently stuck in the endless overwhelm of work like I was, remember one thing:

✨ Feeling joy in your life doesn’t have to be hard… but it DOES have to happen now ✨

And it can happen with just 15 minutes, when you sit in a beautiful space of your own. A space where you can have a quiet moment, or call a special person, or make beautiful plans… 💛

And that’s exactly what I do…I create artwork so you can sit in that same beautiful space

Why? Because we ALL need a reminder to come back to joy... joy, just for the sake of it. Don't you think?

Tell me in the comments if you can relate


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