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Hi my sweet friends,


Let me ask you: when it comes to buying art, do you ever get bogged down in the details BEFORE you even get to choosing the art?

The style, the colour, the size?

Well let me make it easier for you...

Let me give you the starting point you need...


Look for CONNECTION first, and ask yourself:

🌟 Does this piece of art spark emotion in you?

🌟 Does this make you think and reflect?

🌟 Does this inspire your soul?

🌟 Are these feelings and experiences something you want to have in your home?


Because one of the most magical parts about having art that you really connect with is how it can transform a space in your home into a sanctuary... away from the rest of the busy world... 

A sanctuary where you can reflect deeply and uncover your desires and ambitions, without any judgements. And where, as you reflect more and more, I think you'll start to hear the whispers of those dreams buried deep inside you that you still need to make happen (I know we all have at least one of those!)

A sanctuary where you can take a moment to explore what you've recently done in your work or personal life, and maybe the challenges you've been facing. Today's world seems to be so geared towards making quick decisions one after another, that having a space to really think through how you've approached them is essential so you can understand yourself better and show yourself kindness 

A sanctuary where you can feel comfort, solace, and acceptance during difficult times. Whatever the situation is, art can serve as a reminder that we aren't alone in our struggles. It can provide a sense of connection and empathy, reminding us that we're all part of a larger community and that expressing our emotions is, in fact, a good thing

There's so much more that your sanctuary can do for you, but I wanted to give you a little taster so you know just how powerful it is when you connect with a piece of art

And if you connect with a piece of art, that's a sign it's meant for you... THEN you can think about how you're going to make the style, colour and size work in your home (and you'll make it work)




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