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How do you buy art online?

How do you buy art online?

Fine art print of an ink painting on Print is blue and green, and looks like a swirling ocean


Even though a lot of our purchases are making the journey from physical to online stores, I know a lot of people still feel a little hesitant when it comes to buying art online

Even though it's completely natural to start off a bit wary, there are a few things you can do to really increase your confidence when it comes to specifically buying art online

Let's take a look at these together:

TIP 1: Read up on what kind of art you want

When you start off looking for your dream piece of art, you'll see that artists and art websites are using certain vocabulary that you might not be familiar with yet

You're going to see "limited edition", "open edition", "giclée print", "original", and types of papers (which can differ in thickness, texture, shade, vibrancy)

Don't worry though! It's okay if you don't know the meaning of those words, but try to look these up so you're clear on what to check for when you're browsing. If you still find yourself a bit befuddled, then you could even ask one of the artists whose work you're interested in (we can be very nice)


TIP 2: Look for an artist you connect with

 It wouldn't shock you to hear that each artist behind a piece of art is an individual, shaped by their own personal journey. After all, you're the same - your experiences have affected your perspectives and the way you express yourself

Taking the time to browse through an artist's work will give you a sense of their unique style, and maybe a glimpse of the person they are. Scoping out their social media can also help you understand their aims as an artist, and forge an emotional connection with their art

I truly believe this little research can make buying art so much more enjoyable, and the artwork you end up choosing all the more valuable to you. You might also see that the artist's voice really resonates with you and your own outlook, and that you go on to buy a few more of their pieces in the future, which is lovely for everyone!


TIP 3: Be open to different styles of art

There are so many different art styles, which can make it a little tricky to choose what you like. You might want to start by checking out a few different categories - "abstract", "modern", "impressionist", "pop art", "surrealism", and "contemporary" are just a few that you may want to start with.

But do bear in mind that both art and an artists' style are continually developing. A style goes much deeper than a single tool or a single element. The tool doesn’t dictate the style. Your style will be applied to whatever tool is in your hand

Browse around, using categories and filters to hone your budget and tastes. It's always best to have an open mind - you might be surprised with what catches your eye!


Let me know what you think and if anything really resonates with you here. I love to hear from you,


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