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How I Came Out As An Artist

How I Came Out As An Artist

Hi my sweet friends,

Even though I''ve been so invested in my beautiful art business for a while, and it's been growing so amazingly this year, I only came out to my personal circle about being an artist and business owner a few months ago

I decided to share my story as a facebook post, where most of my real life connections were. But honestly, I copped out a little; I changed the visibility settings so that a select group of connections wouldn't see it

It sat uneasy in me for a while, but I couldn't bring myself to delete the restiction, and let it be seen by anyone and everyone

Until someone incredibly meaningful in my life messaged me to ask if they could share my post in order to support me. And you know what? That meant I would have to remove the restriction, and make it fully visible

I'm thankful for their message, because it gave me the nudge that was so needed. To share wholeheartedly, and trust that people would not leave judgement on my vulnerable post

And no one did...

This is the post I shared:


I looked around the empty office one early Monday morning...

As I waited for my computer to turn on, I knew the space would soon be filled with the clicks of typing, spurting of the coffee machine, and the “can you see my screen?” of constant zoom calls

I was filled with dread, thinking about the long day ahead

And then the only sound in the perfectly silent office was my own disappointed whisper, “Is this what I’m meant for?”

That question changed my life

I turned to art to quietly connect with myself

In every colour and brush stroke, I started to see myself so clearly; my hesitance to make mistakes, my frustration at losing control, and my fear in breaking moulds. And as I experimented, I started to feel a shift… that if I showed myself the love and trust I deserved, I could create something truly remarkable

I was starting to see that my perspective was important… beautiful, even ✨

And then one day, somewhere in the middle of a painting, I found the courage to dust off my old, forgotten dream of being an artist... and I started to live it 🎨

I knew I had to share my art with other women who feel the way that I used to; women who feel trapped in a world bound by others’ expectations, and who feel so different to others that they don’t see their voice could be so powerful as to ripple even the stillest waters

This is what I was meant for

That’s why, today, I’m an artist who paints deeply emotive and symbolic art with inks to inspire women to love and celebrate themselves, so that they live the beautiful, fulfilling life they deserve 💜

And if any of this speaks to you, and if you'd love to support my vision, then please visit and share my website 


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