Three Ways That Abstract Art Inspires Calmness

Three Ways That Abstract Art Inspires Calmness

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Bringing abstract art into your home can be a wonderful way to create a soothing environment. And specific elements of this kind of artwork can be why... so let's talk about three of them!

  • Abstract art doesn’t usually represent anything or anyone recognisable in the same, clear way that realistic paintings do. Instead, it uses shapes, colours, and movements to stir your heart and emotions. And without specific figures for you to look at, your mind becomes freer to wander and float, as you start to think about what this piece might mean to you. This is really quite amazing, because it means your interpretation is what brings your calmness
  • We all associate certain colours with emotions, so it might not be surprising that the colours of an abstract artwork can influence what kind of mood they create for you. I have a lot of abstract pieces that have blues and greens, which I know are often associated with tranquillity. However, I fully appreciate that we each might find calmness in other colours too. So, for example, you’ll also notice I have quite a lot of purple in my pieces, which is a colour that many people connect with spirituality and creativity, and I know these can also feel very reassuring and calming

Purple abstract artwork for sale - calming, soothing, tranquil art about self-love and self-appreciation

  • Patterns and textures in certain abstract pieces can also evoke calmness. Repetitive patterns, like dots or lines, can create an almost comforting sense of rhythm and order for some people. On the other side, more freely crafted shapes and textures can bring a feeling of natural serenity or even a type of closeness with nature

I hope you enjoyed this short and sweet post on just three ways that abstract art can inspire calmness and be used to create a soothing space in your home. Art is such a personal aspect of our homes, and that’s why it’s so important to think about what piece speaks to us and where it should be kept so we can really feel the valuable effects of it

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