Five Tips to Find the Perfect Abstract Artwork for Your Home

Five Tips to Find the Perfect Abstract Artwork for Your Home

Hi my sweet friends

I know it can be intimidating to look for the perfect artwork for your home, especially when it comes to abstract art. So many people see it as a big "unknown' on top of being complex and thought-provoking.

But, honestly, it doesn't have to be hard... in fact, let it be easy, and let it transform your space into the tranquil sanctuary you need during your busiest times. Sound good? Then let's get going with a few tips…

  • Start with a color scheme: One of the most important factors to consider when selecting abstract art is color - not just because you might have some colours already well loved in your home, but because of the impact that colour can have on mood. You may want to choose colors that will complement the overall color scheme of your home (making your home feel very harmonious), or use the art as a way to introduce new colors into your space (bringing some interest and intrigue into your home). That means you're looking for art pieces that incorporate shades and hues that match your existing decor or bring out accents in your room.
  • Consider the mood: Abstract art can evoke different emotions, so it's important to consider the mood you want to create in your space. Do you want a calming and relaxing atmosphere? Look for pieces with soft, soothing colors and gentle curves. If you want to add energy and vibrancy to your space, choose bold, dynamic abstract pieces with strong lines and bright colors.
  • Think about scale: The size of the artwork you choose can also have a significant impact on the overall feel of the room. Consider the size of your wall, furniture, and other decor items when selecting your artwork. A large, bold abstract piece can create a focal point in the room, while smaller pieces can be used to complement existing decor.
  • Mix it up: Don't be afraid to mix different types of art. Combining different mediums, such as paintings, sculptures, and photographs, can create a more visually interesting display than a single piece might do. Since there are different styles, shapes, and colours at play, do make sure to think about how all of these would come together and how they'd work in the overall aesthetic of your room. This might be a fun challenge!
  • Look for inspiration: There are so many options at our fingertips and footsteps! It's a great idea to look for inspiration at online galleries, art museums, and social media (instagram and pinterest). You can even find inspiration in your surroundings, as you see patterns and shapes that catch your eye, and if you have an idea of what you'd like but you can't quite find it then there are amazing artists that you could commision an art piece from. Wouldn't that feel extra special! 

I hope the points above will give you a starting point when you start looking for artwork, so you can create the atmosphere you're looking for in your home. 

Remember, buying artwork for yourself is a personal and beautiful experience; it isn't meant to be stressful or confusing. After all, art truly has the power to elevate your heart, mind and home... so it's worth you taking the time you need (whether it's 10 minutes or a week)




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