3 Learnings From My Closest Friends

 Hi my sweet friends,

I can't express enough how grateful I am for the amazing friends in my life. Even though so many of them live oceans away from me, I never feel too far from them - not only because we keep in touch so lovingly, but because so much of who I am today comes from them in some shape or form

Today, I want to share with you three valuable lessons I've learned from these incredible people. These lessons have shaped me, helped me find balance, and reminded me of my worth more than once. So, let's dive in and explore...

"As long as you're being realistic" - Dialing Things Back a Notch
These simple yet powerful words have become a guiding principle in my daily life. They remind me to pause and reflect on the expectations and goals I set for myself, without dashing my dreams. After all, I can get carried away with my ambitions, and push myself beyond reasonable limits sometimes. This gentle reminder encourages me to find balance, to be kind to myself, and to set realistic expectations that align with my capabilities. After all, progress is more important than perfection

"Tell me all about it" - Active Listening and Genuine Interest
Whenever someone excitedly shares a story or a passion, I always take a moment and ask somethng like, "tell me all about it." These words have had a profound impact on how I engage with others, and how they come to me. They remind me to be present, to actively listen, and to encourage people to share. Sometimes these are the words you need to let someone know that you truly want them to tell you more... and that you don't need them to just say "everything's good" and move on to the next thing. In the end, one of the beauties of being close to someone is in sharing stories in order to build deep connections

"It's not luck; you earned this" - Recognising and Celebrating Achievements
When self-doubt creeps in, it can be easy to question accomplishments. But these few words can be the perfect mantra during those times, reminding me to acknowledge my hard work, resilience, and personal growth. It's easy to downplay achievements and attribute them to luck or external factors... but at some point we all need to start recognizing and celebrating our own accomplishments with pride and confidence

My friends have been invaluable in my life, teaching me with each year how to be an even more beautiful version of myself who I'm happy with

What's one thing you've learned from your closest friends?




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